The care of sheep or cows requires know-how and experience in this field. To ensure their well-being or to simplify your work as a farmer, it is important to have quality equipment for better reliability and durability.

We have selected professional quality equipment and accessories for you and your animals, allowing good maintenance, care, specific equipment for sheep & cattle and yourself.

My Farm Base offers you all year round an excellent quality/price/technical ratio for equestrian equipment for beginners to advanced riders!

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Are you looking to buy new equipment or do you already own cows and sheep and are looking to upgrade your equipment? Our equipment for sheep and cattle can be adapted to you and your animal to maximise their comfort and yours. The products we offer will ensure your animal's hygiene: hoof care, combs, clippers, marker bombs, cards, milking grease... A wide choice awaits you!


Good feeding is one of the fundamental bases for healthy cows and sheep. Equip yourself with professional products to guarantee a healthy diet that respects the well-being of your animals with My Farm Base products!


Do you want to equip yourself or renew your farming equipment? Knives, brooms, forks, bins and boots are waiting for you on our website! These products will be perfect to help you with your tasks, all day long.

Do you own sheep or cows? Find our full range of products for sheep & cattle.

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