Rodents - Accessories for rabbits, hamsters and small mammals

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Rodents are so adorable! For My Farm Base, they are just as endearing as dogs and cats. That's why we've developed a category especially for rabbits, hamsters, mice, gerbils, rats and all other rodents to suit their needs.

You will find in our category all that is necessary for its feeding with different ways to feed it with treats, hay or special rodent food, to entertain it with games and accessories adapted to the size of your pet, as well as equipment for its hygiene and well-being.

Discover brands such as Pawise, Eat Slow Live Longer and Caldex.

Find our entire range of products for rodents:

Food: bowls, accessories, racks, treats →

Care for your pet : Litter tray, litter scoop → 

Play & Entertainment : Rodent wheels, toys, hutches and hiding places → 

Transport : Transport cage, travel equipment →