Dog toys for daily entertainment

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Playing with your dog is a great way to keep him healthy and get some exercise. For your dog, playing is a real pleasure! But how do you choose the best toy for your dog?

Indestructible dog toys

Is your dog a real predator and the kind of person who can tear things up quickly? We advise you to offer him an indestructible toy that will give him a real challenge and that will avoid you coming back too often to buy a new toy ;)

Kong toys for dogs

Kong is a brand known for its very durable dog toys. They are made of sturdy rubber that is tooth-friendly and resistant to dog bites during play.

Chew toys for dogs

For good oral hygiene and maintenance of the jaw muscles, it is important for your dog to chew. That's why we've selected chew toys to ensure your dog's daily well-being.

Balls and throwing toys for dogs

Tossing balls and toys for dogs are a classic that any dog will love! It's a moment of conviviality and exchange between the master and the animal that shouldn't be missed. In addition, it gives your dog some exercise and keeps him fit.

My Farm Base has therefore thought of your dog by proposing many toys to throw! A great way to have fun :)

Ropes and pull toys for dogs

It's time for a duel! Each to his own and 1,2,3... Pull!

Ropes and pulling toys are as much fun for the pet as for the owner (who will gain muscle). Discover our selection of pull toys on our shop and make your dog happy!

Water toys for dogs

Many dogs love to play in water. However, the usual toys don't last very long and don't necessarily float when swimming. Our My Farm Base website has toys specially designed for this type of play.