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Food bowls for your dog's meals

Dogs are big eaters, they never miss mealtime! Giving them quality kibble is not enough to guarantee them a proper meal. It's important for their well-being to eat out of dog bowls that look good and match your home décor. Your dog deserves the very best in dog bowls and accessories, but don't worry, we've got it all, at the best price at My Farm Base!

Dog bowls

Dogs need a bowl as much as we need a plate to eat. To give them a pleasant meal, it's important to give them a bowl that's suitable for them, odour-free and the right size.

Choose the ideal bowl for your dog, thanks to our models:

  • Olive wood and porcelain, for an aesthetic bowl that does not retain odours.
  • Olive wood and stainless steel, for a lighter and more resistant bowl.

The duo formats allow you to have a double ration (yippee!) or to have a part for water. The supports that hold the bowl in place prevent the bowl from moving around the house with every lick of your dog's tongue.