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Bedding for dogs

Baskets, cushions, blankets, mattresses, beds... so many bedding items that will please your dog so that he can have his best nights and best dreams! The materials of these articles are varied to satisfy the most demanding dogs.

Dog baskets

There is nothing better than a dog bed to spend the night or take a good nap!

But how do you choose the right bed for your dog? There are some important parameters to take into account:

  • Choose the right size. Of course, a Chihuahua will not need a basket as big and wide as a Labrador.
  • Choose the right material. As some dogs are quick to soil their baskets, it is important to choose a material that is easy to wash.
  • Aesthetics. This is not important for the dog, but rather for the owner. Choose the basket that will perfectly match your interior decoration ;) Bonus if it goes perfectly with your dog!

Cushions for dogs

We all know that dog who, at nap time, sprawls out to sleep. For these dogs, there is nothing better than a pillow without an edge. The good thing about these cushions is that they can be taken anywhere easily.

At My Farm Base we have selected a wide range of dog cushions in different materials: fake fur, soft, long, wide, small, large... something for your dog to enjoy!

Dog beds and sofas

Is your dog always lying on your sofa or bed? What if the solution to this was to give him his own dog bed or sofa? It saves space for both the owner and the dog, so everyone wins!

My Farm Base has selected a range of dog beds and sofas for you and your dog to suit all tastes and requirements. So, ready to win a place on the sofa?

Dog crates and bags

Are you going on holiday or on a weekend trip or do you want to take your best friend with you? No problem, there are bags and crates for dogs that are suitable for this type of event.

Check out our selection on My Farm Base! All you have to do is find the right size and the best solution between crate and bag, depending on the size of your dog.

The dog carrier

A dog carrier is the most common way to transport your dog. This type of transport guarantees solidity during the journey, keeping your pet safe.

The dog carrier

The dog carrier is less rigid than the crate, but is suitable for a small dog and limits stress. Worn like a backpack, the owner can move freely during the trip. In addition, the softness of the bag allows your dog to have a pleasant nap.

Unlike travel crates, travel bags can be machine washed which can be useful if your dog tends to get sick during travel.