Bedding & Transport

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Cat beds & baskets

Sleeping on an ultra-comfortable bed is great, isn't it? Well, for your cats too! (Maybe that's why some of them sneak away for a few hours nap under our sheets). That's why My Farm Base offers you bedding, baskets, cushions, hammocks and beds adapted to their comfort and to your tastes.

The materials and shapes selected for these beds are varied, allowing a satisfactory choice for your pet. All you have to do is make your choice!

Cat Cage and Carrier Bag

As we all know, cats don't really like it when they have to be put in a carrier when they go to the vet or on holiday. To make sure that this moment goes smoothly (and that he doesn't pout at us for too long afterwards) it is important to choose the right carrier for his size and situation. My Farm Base has selected a range of products to help you choose the right carrier for your pet.

Cat carrier

The cat carrier is the most practical way to safely transport your cat. The models with openings on the top or front allow you to pick up your pet gently. In addition, the surfaces are easy to clean.

Cat carrier bag

Cat carrier bags allow you to transport your cat in comfort. The interior is padded to keep your pet comfortable during travel, reducing stress.

Making the right choice for your pet's stress level

Cats are often stressed, so it's important to make the right choice between a carrier and a bag. The first option is to use a bag for the most stressed cats, as they have the opportunity to hide and cuddle. The second option is to cover the openings of your carrier with a towel to limit visual stress.