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Do you own a beautiful bird and want to spoil it with equipment and accessories that will be useful for its well-being and entertainment? Then you've come to the right place! My Farm base offers you a selection of products for parakeets, parrots, pigeons, mainatines, diamonds, canaries and all other birds.

Do you want to equip your bird's cage with a watering hole, a feeder or to keep it entertained throughout the day? Find everything your bird needs in the bird category of our shop. You will find products from Pawise & Birrdeeez, brands that offer everything your feathered friend needs.

You'll find everything you need to keep your bird happy and to make it sing at the top of its voice!

Find all our range of bird products:

Feeding : Find our feeders, drinkers & baths

Games & Entertainment: Perches, bridges, ladders and toys will make your pet more than happy!

Transport : Cage and crate to make his travels smooth and enjoyable