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Offers a wide range of olive wood products. We always place great emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction, as well as on the careful use of the raw material olive wood. We specialise in 100% natural products, such as kitchen utensils and bathroom accessories. At the end of the production process, the products are only finely sanded and refined with olive oil, which gives them their high quality appearance.

Guido, the creator of the products, tells us his story! 

I get my wood from the countries around the Mediterranean (Greece, Spain and especially Italy).

No, I don't have any certificates, because this is not an industrial use of wood. The olive wood industry is simply too small and is usually supplied to me by small olive growers.

It is also important to note that no trees are felled for my olive wood, as European olive trees cannot be cut at the trunk.

We attach great importance to quality and customer satisfaction, both in the choice of our wood and in the manufacture of our products.

Our olive wood products are absolutely natural. The surfaces of the products are simply finely sanded and refined with olive oil. This gives the wood its warm honey-yellow colour and the expressive grain of the olive wood is even more impressively highlighted.

Our priority is to treat the raw material olive wood with the utmost care and to ensure that the price-performance ratio is always fair for us as a manufacturer, but also for you as a customer.

The magic and beauty of olive wood seduced us in 2003. In the small mountain village of Carcasonne, in the south of France, on the way to Spain.

Queues formed in front of a small shop. We went in and saw the beautiful olive wood and the people it captivated. Back home, the idea was born. "We also work with this beautiful wood!

We looked for partners in the Mediterranean area and found some. At first we set up a small business. But soon we started to produce, creating and offering our own products, as we had more and more requests for customised products and new ideas. Thanks to our father's/ father-in-law's experience and craftsmanship in woodworking, we were able to acquire and learn a lot and we established a small olive wood factory in Seevetal.

Thanks to the constant development of new products, the acquisition of new machinery, direct contact with end consumers at craft and Christmas markets, stimulating exchanges with retailers and the opening up of new markets in the online trade, we have been able to grow steadily.

At some point, this was no longer possible in the small family circle and we expanded our family with some great employees who are highly motivated and full of ideas and energy to meet the daily challenges with us.